sábado, 9 de junio de 2012

Redoxon Project 2012

Redoxon Proyect 2012 from Agustin Schilling on Vimeo.

(script developed to generate crowds. Beta version)

Project done from March 2012 to April 2012 in Maya 2011.

Tasks for this project:

- Camera Projection modelling and mapping.
- Developed a Mel Script to generate crowds.
- Made other Mel Script to fix some models, assign UV's, connect nodes, assign shaders and create render layers for the crowds.
- Developed a CacheExportGeometry script so that the mutant character's crowd could be render it out in Max.
- Made Mutant and Soldier's lowpoly so that they could be managed as crowd.
- Made mist pass for the comp.

Tareas para este proyecto:

- Modelado y Camera projection de los escenarios.
- Desarrolle una herramienta para generar multitudes.
- Hice otros scripts para corregir modelos, asignar UV's, conectar nodos, asignar shaders y crear renderlayers para las multitudes.
- Desarrolle un tool para exportar cache de geometria de los mutantes, para que puedan ser rendereados en Max.
- Realize los modelados lowpoly de los soldados y mutantes para poder usarlos como multitud.
- Hice un pass de niebla para compo.